Covert Surveillance System

ARIEL is a lightweight, autonomous remotely-controlled observation system integrated with seismic sensors, communication and energy kit that designed to be covertly installed in remote areas for surveillance and intelligence during combat and routine missions.

Based on the MANTIS 1 system the ARIEL provides long-standing observation and surveillance at any landscape under any weather and field conditions.

Additional features include superb EO/IR, Video Motion Detection (VMD), seismic sensors for wireless remote movement detection, different communication channels, low energy consumption, and powerful command and control software.

 Main Features

  • Dual (day/ thermal) observation
  • Video Motion Detection (VMD)
  • Internal Pan & Tilt for covert operation
  • Built-in Energy pack
  • Multiple communication support (Wi-Fi, Cellular, Satellite)
  • Onboard recording
  • Local GPS and Mapping


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  • Easy deployment at any landscape and terrine
  • Easy integration with C4I Systems
  • Real-time remote situation awareness for tactical missions
  • Can be operated via central C4I  or local operational control unit
  • Flexible command and control software
  • Different camouflage options