Compact Multi-Sensor System

FIREFLY 140 sv is part of BEESENSE’ compact, unify multi-sensing line of products, using short range radar, HD day and thermal camera.

Specially designed for HLS, Security and Defense applications.

The FIREFLY 140 sv is remotely-controlled for observation and used as a unify surveillance unit

Enable multi-tasking missions by fast deployment capabilities under various field conditions.

The FIREFLY 140 sv can be integrated with external sensors such as seismic sensors and can be controlled by remote command and control center



  • Provides superb tactical solution for perimeter security
  • Wide area of coverage for effective defense and intelligence
  • Designed to assimilate in the landscape
  • lightweight robust system design to meet any whether conditions
  • HMI – Easy Man Machine Interface for easy operation
  • No infrastructure required

Main Features

  • Dual Cameras (day/ thermal) for observation capability
  • Short-range staring radar
  • Internal recording
  • Remotely controlled
  • Multiple communication methods (LAN, Wi-Fi, Cellular, UHF)
  • Easily integrated with C4I Systems
  • Designed for unattended use
  • Minimum energy consumption
  • No infrastructure is needed

check out the full – FIREFLY 140 SV Data Sheet

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