MANTIS 1 – Remote Observation Surveillance System

The Next Generation in Autonomous Unattended Imaging Sensors

“BEESNSE” latest version for Autonomous Unattended for Ground Surveillance solutions.

The MANTIS 1 presents technological breakthrough combining live video imaging (thermal and day cameras), multi communication methods, energy efficiency, and high survivability.

The MANTIS 1 is a wireless all-in-one system providing full communication flexibility (onboard Wi-Fi, cellular, wired, and satellite-optional) it also includes onboard VMD, GPS, and compass.

The MANTIS 1 is remotely controlled for day-night surveillance, and is ideal for short or long-duration missions, with outstanding low (SWaP) performance (Size Weight and Power).

Main Features

  • Internal pan & tilt- field of regard 90º with no external moving parts
  • Adaptable energy kit for long last operational missions
  • Energy management using hibernate and  sleep modes
  • Range of onboard communication possibilities – Integral Wi-Fi, 4G, LTE (slot for SIM card), LAN for external SATCOM
  • Powerful and sophisticated command and control software
  • Easy integration with various C4I systems
  • Onboard video- processing, recording, and  VMD
  • Size, Weight & Power efficient (SWaP)


  • Easily camouflaged- no external motion, noise, or reflection
  • Easy to use
  • Wide area coverage
  • Effective for both defense and intelligence missions
  • Designed to assimilate in the landscape
  • lightweight and robust design to meet and operate at any weather conditions
  • No electrical or communication infrastructure required