MANTIS 2 – Portable Surveillance Integrated Unify System

  • A portable multi-sensor system combining powerful radar, thermal camera and day camera for tactical surveillance
  • The system is designed for portable persistence surveillance and observation missions for ground maneuvering troops
  • The system can be portable by backpack for fast deployment or can be a part of combat or reconnaissance vehicle
  • The system equipped with advanced communication kit that enables radar detections and live-video transmission for different ranges via Wi-Fi, cellular or local communication network including to remote command and control center


  • RADAR and EO/IR suit (All-in-one system) for area coverage and persistent terrain dominance
  • Ideal for fast deployment, maneuvering troops, force protection, and intelligence missions
  • Real-time information transmission to local or remote C4I
  • No infrastructure required
  • Covert capability
  • Mission proved
  • Cost-effective solution


Main Features

  • Powerful staring radar90º field of regard
  • Internal Pan & Tilt- Dual cameras with 90º field of regard aligned with the radar
  • Real-time video- processing including VMD and  recording
  •  Automatic scanning and target acquisition capabilities
  • Adaptable energy kit rechargeable battery, power grid
  • Onboard communication options- Wi-Fi, 4G, LTE, LAN, SATCOM
  • Open architecture- easily integrated with C4I various interfaces
  • Outdoor design – operational at all weather conditions