Stationary Unify Integrated System

RAPHAEL – unify integrated multi-sensor system containing powerful staring radar combined  with thermal and day cameras.

The Raphael is specially designed for installation at remote locations where standard infrastructure such as electric power and communication is not available

Combining  radar and electro-optic unit the Raphael enables persistence covert surveillance at designated areas.

Raphael is the ultimate solution for remote border protection and critical infrastructure facilities.

RAPHAEL’s unique design enables versatile installation for energy supply using solar panel power, fuel cells, or standard electrical grid.

Onboard communication capabilities such as WI-FI, cellular or LAN enable the user to control and operate the system from a long distance.

The RAPHAEL can be installed in camouflage methods and means avoiding potential intruders being notice that they are under surveillance.


  • RADAR and EO/IR suit (All-in-one system) for area coverage and persistent terrain dominance
  •  Ideal for sealing security gaps and breaches along  protected areas
  • Real-time information transmission  to local or remote C4I
  • No infrastructure required
  • Covert capability
  • Mission Proved
  • Cost-effective solution

Main Features

  • Powerful staring radar 90º field of regard
  • Internal Pan & Tilt- Dual cameras with 90º
  • Real-time video- processing including VMD and  recording
  •  Automatic scanning and target acquisition capabilities
  • Adaptable energy kit – solar panel, rechargeable battery, power grid
  • Onboard communication options- Wi-Fi, 4G, LTE, LAN, SATCOM
  • Open architecture- easily integrated with C4I various interfaces
  • Outdoor design – operational at all weather conditions